Klein Fleet Services

We serve commercial trucks and trailer fleets
in our shop or with our mobile units throughout
the Denver Metro Area.

How can we save you time? A recent study of the top 500 repair garages revealed that the wait time for service to begin is 1.5 hours. Add to that the tow time, or drive time, the employee stop-for-a-smoke time, the time for a second employee to follow and return the first driver ….and you’re wasting money & time.....not to mention your repair hasn’t even begun yet!

Klein Fleet Services is your one-stop maintenance provider, from Preventive Maintenance to major overhauls. We have the capability to service your fleet vehicles at your location and get you back on the road.
How can we save you money? Time is money. Let’s say your driver
is paid $25/hr. From the statistic above it’s estimated that it will cost you
over $125 in employee down-time per break down, and an additional
$100-$250 for the tow. Even if you have your own shop, how many man hours will you and your managers spend in an attempt to get your vehicle repaired during a road side breakdown? How much is YOUR time worth to you and your company?

At Klein Fleet Services we eliminate the hassle of transporting
your fleet of vehicles to and from a mechanic. We come to you and service your vehicles at your site, or wherever they are - Saving You Time and Money!